Taken by Alex Steele

The story of a photographer, and poet...

I am a photographer and poet located in Juneau, Alaska. Photography allows me to connect to my existence and impact in the present world, preserve your memories forever, and guide you to self love. I specialize in lifestyle portraits and scenic photography. My favorite thing to do is catch people when they least expect it, when they are most themselves. My second favorite thing to do is make them laugh and then take a burst of photos! I want you to feel comfortable and at ease with me. Photography helps me when I am in a dark place, grounding me to my surroundings and my talent. I enjoy to hike and capture breathtaking nature along the way.

I started to take photos when I turned 15. My siblings gifted me a camera for a new hobby, which I really needed as I was fighting addiction. My camera was my best friend for a hard year. I guarantee your photos will be authentic, raw, and personal. They will be one of a kind, because you are one of a kind. Photography is not about perfection, but telling your story, perfect as it is. I showcase your uniqueness in sleek digital galleries, along with the option to order prints. I take pride in being part of your discovery of love for every part of yourself, capturing any important part in a person's life, and executing out of the box ideas. Select "Contact" to setup a time and place for your photos. Ask any questions you have-a camera offers a world of possibilities.

I also write poetry and am self-published. You can check out my book tab, "Ambivalence" and order a copy of your own. It features a collection of poetry from age 13 to age 16. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better and considering me for a remarkable journey.

Email: alaskanlotus@gmail.com

Phone: 907-723-9356

2018 Woosh Kinaadeyi Summer Showcase taken by Alex Steele (click to read my poetry!)

"Candid Passion" taken by Alex Steele 1/1/19