About Me

Taken by Northern State Media/2023

Hi! I'm Jasz. I'm a photographer and poet located in Juneau, Alaska. I specialize in lifestyle portraits and scenic photography. Lifestyle photography means I like a mix of posed photos and candids. I'll still give you direction, and I'll make sure to capture those sweet, real, in between moments. I like to capture people when they are authentically themselves. My favorite thing to do is catch people when they least expect it in the middle of a laugh. I want your photos to feel natural and like you.

I started to take photos when I turned 15. I was gifted a camera by my family. I fell in love with photography because it let me escape reality while at the same time recreating it as my own. My own story, my own vision. It became a new coping skill for me in the place of drugs and self-harm. I started taking pictures of nature first, and in 2018, my senior year, I was asked to take people's senior photos. That's how I began my journey of portrait photography.

Your photos will be one of a kind because you are one of a kind. Photography is not about perfection, but telling your story, perfect as it is.

Click "Contact" to set up a time and place for your photos. Ask any questions you have. A camera offers a world of possibilities.

I also write poetry and am self-published. You can check out my book tab, "Ambivalence" and order a copy of your own. It features a collection of poetry from age 13 to age 16. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better and considering me for a remarkable journey.

Email: alaskanlotus@gmail.com

Phone: 907-723-9356

"Candid Passion" Taken by Alex Steele/2019

"Woosh Kinaadeyi Summer Showcase" Taken by Alex Steele/2018

About The Makeup Artist

Taken by Jasz Garrett/2023

Hello! My name is Nizhoni and I’m originally from Phoenix, AZ but have lived in Juneau for the last 8 and a half years. I have always loved makeup since I was little and have loved doing others’ makeup for years now. My other hobby is crocheting which I started doing in 2020 when everyone was in lockdown and have been in love with it since!

Book Nizhoni for your photoshoot through the "Contact" form!